Top 3 Tips To Combat Chapped Lips

Dry lips are a symptom of mouth breathing, too much lip licking, making out with your high school crush, and yes, dry and cold weather.  There’s nothing more unappealing than speaking to someone whose lips are peeling off before your very eyes.  To combat the unattractive effects of dry and chapped lips, here are a few of my favourite tips to keep your lips soft, hydrated, and dare I say it, kissable.

  1. Prevention – Everyone always says it, prevention is the key and with dry lips it’s no different.  My favourite tip is to put lip balm on before I go to sleep every night. Putting lip balm on before bed makes even more sense if you sleep with your mouth open. While the image of you (or me…) drooling all over your pillow may not be attractive, your moisturized lips every morning will be. I’ve gone through a bunch of before bed lip balms but my choice for a while now has been a natural lip balm like Nature’s Natural Solutions Lip Conditioner. My favourite scent is Almond Butter however the fragrance-free one (which smells lightly of shea butter) is quite nice as well.  I like this one because it doesn’t have any colour to it (unlike, say a Chapstick) and won’t rub off on my pillow or pyjamas.

    Almond Lip Conditioner


  2. Brush ‘em – I’m a hardcore advocate of oral hygiene and brushing your teeth.  A little known tip is to brush your tongue to get rid of all the bacteria on there, but brushing your lips lightly is a good way to get rid of any loose dry skin.  Brushing your lips will gently exfoliate your lips and also make them plump.  I wouldn’t recommend doing this everyday, just as you wouldn’t want to necessarily exfoliate your face everyday.Another way to exfoliate your lips would be with a natural lip scrub. You can grab some plain everyday sugar and use your finger to rub your lips and get rid of any dry skin that way.
  3.  Curb the lipstick – while many lipsticks claim to be hydrating, I find this is seldom the case.  These ‘moisturizing’ lipsticks may do the job in the summertime, but cold, dry winters are in a completely different league. If you can’t bear to have a lipstick free mouth, I suggest that you put on on lipstick or lip liner, put some light balm on before (the Nature’s Natural Solutions one I mentioned before is a good bet). Make sure you don’t put too much or else your lipstick may end up everywhere.

C’est tout! I’d love to hear your tips for keeping chapped lips at bay or if any of the above dry lip tips worked for you.